The Light of His Love

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Our Savior's love shines like the sun with perfect light,

I go to church alone. Not alone, I take my kiddos with me, but on the adult side it's just me.

As from above it breaks through clouds of strife.

One Sunday the three of us walked into church through the gym, leaving the sunny spring morning outside, stepping into darkness. None of the lights were on, and though there was a little light from the door we entered, the only other source of light was the open door near the chapel on the opposite end. The large empty space was filled with darkness. Our eyes that had been used to the bright exterior light couldn't process the tiny bits of light from the two open doors. The result was total darkness except for the light from the open door ahead.

My daughter immediately pulled back on my hand and said. "Mom, I can't see where I'm going." She stood there, frozen, not knowing where to step next.

Lighting our way, it leads us back into His sight,

I, of course, knew the space in front of us was just a giant empty gym, free of any obstacles. But to her, there could be anything lying in front of her; anything but a clear, safe path.

My reaction was to squeeze her hand and gently pull her forward, quickly pointing out the light from the door ahead. "Just look ahead to where we are going and don't worry about your feet."

Where we may stay to share eternal life.

In a rare moment of spiritual momness, I added that Jesus's love is like that. Sometimes we don't know what to do, but if we look for Him, He will show us where to go.

I'm pretty sure it went strait over her head, probably landing in a giant pile of  'Jesus loves you and I love you too'-s that have been piling up in a corner of her mind for the past five years.

The Spirit, voice of goodness, whispers to our hearts

But I don't think those words were for her. I think perhaps the Spirit was speaking just to me through my own mom advice.

A better choice than evil's anguished cries.

Just a few minutes later in sacrament meeting, we sung "Our Savior's Love" as our opening song. The immediate reflection of our light-in-the-darkness experience in Edward L. Hart's tender lyrics were an obvious message from a loving Father.

Loud may the sound of hope ring till all doubt departs,

This hymn is one of my favorites. The words are themselves beautiful, as is the melody. But it is the dissonance of the harmony that adds the depth and meaning to the poetic lyrics. Speaking simultaneously about sunshine and clouds, hope and doubt, it is the light in the darkness that inspires hope. The coexistence is the beautiful part.

And we are bound to Him by loving ties.

Our Father wants us to return to Him. That is true. But that isn't just that He wants us back. He wants us to return to Him better than when we left Him. If He lit the way for us all through our lives, not only would we not learn to look for the source of that light surrounding us, but we would never learn to discern the path for ourselves. We would grow in neither intelligence or faith.

Our Father, God of All Creation, hear us pray

Instead he puts us into an environment that requires us to seek, adapt, change, and progress. As our eyes adjust to the light of a seemingly hopeless situation, we learn to discern the small rays of light outlining our path; rays that we wouldn't notice otherwise. We see things differently and find things in our journey and in ourselves that we never saw in the bright light of sunny mornings.

In rev'rence awed by thy Son's sacrifice.

In the struggle to focus, to adjust to the limited light we have, we become grateful for the light that guides our way, the Savior that shows us the path through example. But we must be careful to keep our focus on Him. If we look around and focus too much on the steps of our path, we may begin to loose our way. We will say, "I need not look to the light. There is enough here for me to see by. I am doing well enough with out it." Or we may even find ourselves with our backs to the light, proclaiming, "There is no God and no Savior. There is light plenty here and I do not see any source of it other than it already being here." We would be denying the source of the very light we use to see by.

Praises we sing. We love thy law; we will obey.

Instead, I will look to the light of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I will turn away from the fear of not seeing the path ahead, the anxiety of not knowing where to go. I will look to the source of the light, while rejoicing in the darkness. I will sing His praises as I lean upon Him for my support.

Our heav'nly King, In thee our hearts rejoice.

I know we can find happiness and light in the darkness.


Monica Lynn

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