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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

A Lit Love Book Review brought to you by my love of books. All opinions are my own, this post is not sponsored, and I don't get any compensation from any of these links.

The Basics

Journalist Paul Tough has spent years studying the challenges that children in poverty face in getting a successful and useful education. Following his previous book, How Children Succeed, that pinpoints the characteristics that are the keys to finding success through challenges in education, Tough offers practical examples of techniques and principles that have worked in programs across the nation and offers ideas on how to put those principles in practice in education in all areas of the US.

Why you wouldn't think to pick it up:

My kids, or the kids I know best, aren't in poverty. So why does this matter to me?

Why you definitely should pick it up:

Really Tough's book is an exploration on human nature; specifically how we overcome great obstacles and stacked odds to achieve success, and how we create environments in which others may find success as well.

And aren't we all developing humans? Won't we all face obstacles at multiple points in our lives that make finding success seem impossible? Don't we all want to believe that we can come out on top?

The great:

This quick read gives a depth of insight on how our children learn and how we can help them overcome obstacles to achieve success in educational pursuits.

Beyond the realms of parenting and childhood education it also gives great insight into human motivation and what drives us to give in or to continue pushing toward our goals.

The not so great:

Reading about classrooms and pedagogy can be dry, but the information and applications to my life on many levels kept me engaged. Plus it was short and to the point enough to devour in an afternoon or read a few minutes at a time over a week or so.

A Snippet:

The exploration of intrinsic vs extrinsic value or our goals helps explain why we lose interest in things that we used to love when they become tied to our income and why we are willing to do boring things if we believe they are of value.

The Verdict:

A great book for educators, parents, or anyone who is interested in what it takes to be successful.

So glad I picked this one up!

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