To Write is an Act of Love

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I am a writer.

It takes an act of courage to say (or type) those words. I can say I am a stitcher because I sew. I can declare myself to be a mother because I have two children. I can show that I am a designer by creating works of fashion and presenting them to the world to be seen, experienced, and judged.

To say I am a writer is quite different.

Almost every person in this world writes. Anyone can put words together to engage in one of the most common forms of communication. Yet, not everyone is a writer. The difference lies in whether a person writes to accomplish the daily acts of living, or if there is part of a person's identity that's tied to the magic of storytelling.

But to be a writer! To declare oneself to be such a thing, without a physical manifestation of written work authored by you solely! To claim the title without a published work to present to the world to read, judge, and experience! It is giant step into mystery.

I write because there is a song in my heart that needs to be honored. The only way to honor that part of me is to sing it, to create it, and put it in that space around me, to give that song to others. I do so to connect with others, to uplift and inspire them, to inspire myself. I write to find, create, and honor the beauty that this life holds for each of us. I write to hold the darkness at bay and fill my world with light; light that will show the way of happiness to my children and anyone else who crosses into my circle and hears my song. Writing is an act of love both for oneself and for those that will share the light created by story.

I write because it is a part of me.

I write because I am a writer.

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