Tuesday, February 16, 2016

There is a beauty about ourselves that we are unfamiliar with. We may catch glimpses of it once in a while that catch us off guard. It's those kinds of moments where you just pause and realize something about yourself, or see yourself in a new way.

They don't come if we look for them. Often we look in the mirror searching, hoping to see something, find something we like there. Instead we have a tendency to see the things we don't like, the mistakes we've made. The negative things jump out at us and obscure the truth of our lives.

But once in a while we find ourselves open. Open, not seeking, just quiet and still. No noise, no contentions with ourselves. It's then that we find it, that moment when we don't seek anything.

Beauty. Pure. The way that He sees us. It can wash over us like a wave, or just be a little ray of pure light.

It catches me off guard. So often I am caught up in the noise of daily life and struggles that distract me from Him. But He knows us and sees us. He sees the truth of us. He sees our beauty.

And if we are honest and open, not seeking anything but His truth, He will show it to us.
How beautiful we truly are.

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