Here's to Twisty Roads and Bumps Along the Way

Sunday, January 18, 2015

On this crazy road we travel together, our family had a lot of twists and turns this past year. Most of which were unexpected to us, but all leading to the right places.

I left my office job that I'd had for five years, the place where BH and I met.

I found immense joy and freedom in not having a job, something that had only happened one other time since I was 15.

I took a fantastic opportunity to work on a couple of projects sewing costumes with the Utah Opera costume shop. I met wonderful, wonderful people and discovered how crazy full filling it was for me to sew on that level and to create on a regular basis. And I got to work with my creative genius of a sister who I look up to so much. If I didn't have to be away from my babies I may have stayed forever.

Instead I tripped into an incredible opportunity altering wedding gowns from my studio at home, something I have always dreamed of doing and something I have been working toward since design school. I love love love it, I really do.

Somewhere in the middle of all that we decided to list our house for sale. Our beautiful little house. Our first home we'd bought together. The home that housed all my memories of my little girl.

It sold in a couple days and a month later we moved back to my beautiful home town that I love. Now I see my family almost every other day and I cherish it so much.

And as the cherry on top of all those wonderful things, we welcomed our beautiful bouncing baby boy in November. All of us are smitten, but especially Boo Bear. She thinks the world of him. And BH is so proud to have a boy he can do manly things with one day.

There are so many things I could say about the lessons learned if I could find the words.

The difference between a job and your passions.

How alive you feel when they are the same thing.

The difference between a house and a home.

How peaceful and centered you feel when they are the same thing.

The difference between your friends and your family.

How blessed you are when they are the same thing.

The one thing I can tell you with all certainty is that God guides our lives, if we let Him. He seeks our greatest happiness and knows a way we can find it if we will listen to Him and follow His loving words.

I know He's not done with us yet. This year promises to be an even bigger year than the last, with bigger challenges and bigger rewards for loving and living in faith and hope. I know we'll be happy wherever we are, as long as I get to share the journey with my best friend and two little side kicks.

Here's to hoping 2015 brings you as much joy as my 2014 brought me.

Happy New Year.
Love, Me.

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