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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

I miss my wedding ring. You can see it above, though a photo never really does it justice. Since I've been preggo again, I haven't been wearing it as my fingies aren't as slim as they were when I was married. Along with the rest of me. More to love my BH says. Isn't he just sweet?

My BH proposed to me without a ring because he wanted both for it to be a surprise and for me to pick out my own ring. For some reason I have always adored pear shape diamonds. Something about them being not perfectly symmetrical from all sides but perfectly balanced and beautiful. I also adored vintage inspired settings.

I knew from being in the wedding industry that Shane Co. was the place to go. The first visit to the shop I fell absolutely in love with a dainty little filligree setting and pretty little pear shape diamond. We left elated and excited to get it set and delivered in a few days. We then learned that my setting was too small to fit a pear shaped diamond and it took BH and the sales guy about an hour to convince me that it was perfectly suitable to get a bigger ring and a bigger diamond to fit in it. The new ring turned out to be absolutely perfect. It's not big (the photo above is a super close up), but it's the perfect size for me. It's traditional but not common, pretty and feminine but not too fragile. Kind of like me.

And that is kind of like life. I like to fall hopelessly in love with the idea of something and go running off into the wind to get it, only to realize that the bumps along the way make everything turn out even more fantastic and wonderful. It's the same with being married I think.

This past week I've had a lot of wonderful experiences remembering what it was like when BH and I first became each other's. I would definitely call the first Wonderfully Wed challenge a success. And hopefully this week's challenge will build off of last week's happiness.

For this week our quote comes from President Boyd K. Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

"I believe in marriage. I believe it to be the ideal pattern for human living."

I really do believe this and try to share with others that belief. But for this week I want to make it a little more personal. Let's change the challenge to this:

"I believe in my marriage. I believe it to be the ideal pattern for me and my family to live in happiness."

We live and breathe and remember the oral histories we write for ourselves. Our memories form around the stories we tell ourselves and others. I am a firm believer that our words can shape our thoughts which shapes our interactions in this world and ultimately shapes our realities. If being happily married is to be our reality, than it must be our way of thinking and speaking as well.

So this week, like I have have often done before, I am going to focus on sharing the stories and sentiments about my husband that will shape the reality that I want. When I tell stories about how amazing he is to other people, I not only catalog those stories away in my mind, but I am more apt to see those stories in our every day lives.

For the challenge this week, start by asking yourself, if I didn't know me and just overheard me talking about my hubby, would I believe that I truly believe in my marriage? Then make an effort this week to speak and share with others how much faith you put in your marriage and the success it offers you each day.

I'd love to hear your stories of how you were wonderfully wed this week. Share your stories or links to your thoughts in the comments below. And have a happy week being wonderfully wed!

Monica Lynn

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  1. Lovely thoughts and very uplifting! Here are some of my own sentiments:Title

    1. Oh my, that is perfect! I know what you mean when you say just starting to define yourself by the other's presence. Thank you for sharing! I love it!

  2. Ah! My comments haven't been coming through for the past 2 posts. UGH. Ok, to sum up. I love your wedding challenge, it is a fantastic idea and something I really need right now. Our 4 month old has been our life for now and I need to get back into the groove of being a good/better wife. I'm excited to follow along! Also, any tips of getting from momma to wifey again? I seem to be having a mental block because I am so obsessed with baby boy.


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