{dear friday} to my love

Friday, February 14, 2014

To the babe of babes,

I think often of how we first came to be.

I had spent many years thinking I knew where life would take me, thinking I knew what love would mean. I dedicated my life to showing forth the faith and sacrifice worthy of a grand kind of love, the kind that could change and challenge you,  make you into a wonderful kind of human being. I believed when my time came for love I would have a beautiful story to tell. 

So I played the heroine,  strong and kind and patient.

I thought I knew where love would grow, what flora it would produce. I imagined a bouquet of perfect roses, carefully cut and arranged to showcase the most beauty.

But love grows wild. It grows in the hedge rows of our hearts wild free, its beauty unfettered by any human design, knowing only the influence of a Creator's touch.

In the name of a heroine I forgave those I believed to be my story's victors and neglected to see who my true hero was.

I didn't see you.

Until one day I found love growing in the hedge row of my heart. I found you there waiting patiently for me,showing forth the faith and sacrifice worthy of a grand kind of love, the kind of love that can change you.

That love changed me. It works in me each day I am blessed to share with you. I am more than I was without you,  more than I ever hoped to be.

You gave me your name, you gave me my title of wife, of mother. You gave me our daughter.

You gave me me, the me I had wanted to be. For that and a thousand things, I love you.

Happy Valentines Day my love.

My love forever,

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