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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! My sister LA said that Christmas is for gadgets and technologies. True, tech and gadgets are often our new presents, and also true that being home and lazy for a few days in row usually leads to being a couch potato and surfing the interwebs. If, like me, you find yourself surrounded by piles of ripped wrapping paper and toys and stuffed with treats, kickin your feet up, then here are some Christmassy links to check out in your internet wandrings :)

Why overdoing it during the holidays is a 100 year old problem over at the Power of Moms.

Recalling the Bustle of Bethlehem by Jerry Johnston over at the Deseret News, aligning our busy bustle and bright lights to the business in Bethlehem with one light still bringing peace on earth.

Fabulous little list of ideas on how to fill your holidays with grace over at the glamorous housewife.

How to keep from going crazy at your hubby for the holidays with a vacation contract

Thoughts on why Christmas magic is in our presence, not the presents over at Power of Moms.

Music Video for a pretty little song by Motab, "What shall we give?"

Gifts, both giving and recieving, over at Real Intent thinking about how to shift our focus from the gift to the expression behind it.

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