Best. Christmas. Ever.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

So you have to understand where I come from. My mom is crafty. Her and my sister and I all worked at the local crafty store up until I left for college. When she would get stuck working on a craft project she would say, "It's just not talking to me." I can't really explain what that means, but if you get it, then you know what I mean. We also spent a lot of time watching PBS on the afternoons that my mom worked. So now you can understand how amazing this gift is from my sister LA.

Oh yes, that is the one and only.... Bob Ross. We used to listen to him with his calm voice just to chill out to. He was always telling you to put in the "happy little trees" and saying "this little guy needs a friend, just riiiight there." I'm going to put him in my studio to remind me that creating is fun and calming when you let go and just let it talk to you.

Check out the detail on his clothes! My sister is super attentive to detail so she had to make sure his collar and cuffs were historically accurate  That might come from her talent and experience as a costume maker for the Utah Opera. Super talented. She was also the genius behind this lovely for the baby....

Which she will likely snuggle while daddy reads her bedtime stories out of the leatherbound book of the Star Wars trilogy I got him.

 Baby's favorite toy was a baby doll and stroller that's just about as tall as she is. You may also notice the giant Sully in the background that is also almost as tall as she is. She likes big cuddly things.

I was inspired by the presents my family gifted each other this year. It seemed like each one was really unique and really thoughtful, like a rare old edition of the Book of Mormon for my mom, a super cute fabric yardstick growth chart for us, a funny "man down!" cycling tshirt for my step dad to harass him about how many times he fell off his fancy bike when he took up cycling. My sister and I actually ended up making each other nearly identical presents, except instead of Bob Ross hers was a garden gnome with a canvas and easel in a garden. I had been simmering on a lot of thoughts about Christmas and Santa and gift giving and really wanted to focus gifts being an expression of love. That sentiment was completely fulfilled this Christmas.

Especially with Bob Ross, who was my favorite present of all. That is until BH gave me his last gift to me.

It's a mix of the video of us walking down the aisle at our "celebration" and some of our wedding videos.You can see why he is such a sweetheart. I love it so much. He reminded me once again what a gift his love is to me. Best. Christmas Present. EVER.

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