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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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You know, I've always dreamed of having a home that my kids enjoyed so much that all their friends would come over to our house. Part of that would have to do with always having a good stock pile of snacks, but I would really want my kids to feel like our home was a safe haven. I'm pretty sure we all knew one of those houses, the kind where we would all congregate and where we would find parents that were just so much cooler than our own. I want to be that one.

That kind of haven is about more than warm chocolate chip cookies or a big screen to watch movies on Friday nights. It's about the environment of peace and happiness that is created by the family living there.

Here are some ideas on creating a peaceful atmosphere in the home:
  • Love this talk by Richard G. Scott, "For Peace at Home"!
  • Fill your home with peaceful media; beautiful music, uplifting programs like The Mormon Channel, BYU tv, and TED talks are my favorites. I have them all on my ROKU so I can play them right on my TV. Filling our home with the voices of the prophets and apostles is the easiest and quickest way to bring the spirit of peace in our home.
  • Fill your home with images of Christ, the Peacegiver. My favorite is this piece by Julius Von Klever, "Christ Walking on Water".  Mine is from Seagull Book, which offers affordable reproductions that look great but still fit in my skinny decorating budget.
  • Create a safe environment free from gossip. I love the mantra "your name is safe here". If our family knows that we don't gossip about others, they will know that we will always speak of them with respect as well.
  • Talk about peaceful, happy things. A positive attitude is contagious and there is always something happy to talk about after all the hard things are handled. Ending on a good note will set you in a happy mood for the next part of your day.
These are just a few ideas, but there are so many! What is your favorite way to create a peaceful environment in your home?

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