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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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In the first part of this series on Making Home a Haven, I mentioned that I like to pattern my home after the temple and after the beautiful earth that God created for us to inhabit. Along with beauty, the characteristic I strive most to emulate in my home is peace. The peace and quiet found on a mountain path or in a comfy corner of the Lord's house can calm, rebuild, and restore what the battles of everyday life can tear down.

In these holy places we find peace in the lack of chaos, a respite from the hectic. We also gain greater peace from our visits there by communicating with our Creator and seeking His guidance in our lives and with our families.

We are taught as Latter Day Saints that "only the home can compare with the temple in sacredness". As we pattern our homes after the temple, peace in our homes can come from the same sources. They can be places of peace and organization, a separation from the business of the world, and a place where we communicate with God and our families, building our relationships with them one day at a time. There is so much I strive to do to make our home a peaceful have that I've split this week's topic into three parts. Today is a little bit about having a clean home.

Peace is the opposite of chaos. Peace in our HOME has a great deal to do with being clean and organized. Having a peaceful physical environment is essential to having peace of mind. BH knows if I am acting wild and crazy that often a clean space to sit and think is often what I need. There is wisdom in the adage "cleanliness is next to godliness".

Here are some ideas for banishing chaos with a clean home:
  • Find a peaceful balance with your cleaning. I love the mantra "dishes can wait", especially when there are kiddos to play with. However it can make you crazy when you are trying to cook dinner and don't have a clean dish to use or can't find the can opener. Clean houses help life run smoothly, but clean houses don't need to be perfect. There should be balance. Don't go crazy or loose your peace to cleaning.
  • Here are my best cleaning tips:
    • Assigned Chores: pick a couple of chores that you and your spouse hate to do and assign them to another family member. Or pick a chore that you are very particular about and assign it to yourself. BH always takes the trash out (so icky!) and I hang up Baby's clothes (so I can arrange them by occaision, cuteness, and make sure we rotate the cutest ones evenly. Yes I know how crazy that sounds).
    • Shared chores: besides the few exceptions, BH and I share chores and we love it! We have a short list of the chores we do each day. I do as many as I can during the day and BH finishes up all the ones I don't get to when he gets home. That way if I have a crazy day I do a little bit, if we have a smooth day I do a lot. We end up sharing the load pretty evenly over the week (that is until my little kiddos can become my cleaning slaves), but the flexibility is fantastico!
    • Clean in zones: (I learned this one from working retail) Pick one little itty bitty spot and clean that one really well. Then move on to the next little spot. Occasionally go back to where you started and make sure your first zone is maintained, picking up anything that has landed there. I do this so that instead of floating around cleaning all day and having no clean spot to show for it, I can always have some island of peace in an otherwise messy house. Some days I just get that one tiny spot clean and I feel great about it because I made at least some progress. Other days I'm amazed at how far I get and get excited to keep going the next day.
 Yes, I know I sound like a crazy cleaning lady. If you saw my house you wouldn't worry about my sanity at all! If we followed all of these suggestions all the time in our house, we would probably live in a magazine. We usually are pretty good at doing a couple at a time, but that's the great thing about life: there is always tomorrow to get back in the habit!

Stay tuned for for more on making your home a peaceful haven in the next two installments, creating a peaceful environment and bringing peace to our family relationships.

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  1. another aspect of this that i have recently (re)discovered is the power of scent...using soothing smells like cinnamon or lavender or peppy ones like lemon and rosemary to affect the mood of our home. i love essential oils, but what actually brought this to my attention was the yummy smell of cinnamon rolls!


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