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Monday, November 25, 2013

Growing up I was convinced that my Dad knew every single place in Utah. Looking back through a child’s memory, I never knew we weren’t rich because we went on vacations all the time. It seems now like we went to the lake or went camping or fourwheeling or snowmobiling every other weekend. We would just throw some snacks and food in the camper and head out, sometimes not even knowing where we were going until we arrived.

All along the back roads of Utah, my dad would stop and tell us stories about what happened there in that place. He may have known all those things because he had a habit of stopping and reading historical markers. He also travelled all around the state for his work. Every place we went had a story.

I get a lot of things from him. Every time we take a road trip I want to stop and check out the lavender farm, get ice cream at the big red barn, take the back roads, stop and check out the abandoned rock houses on the side of the road, read all the markers.

Utah is such a beautiful place. There are mountains and deserts and forests and sand dunes and lakes and cities and small towns and county fairs and museums and art festivals and so much more. I loved living in Los Angeles and used to think to myself that I could live in almost every place I visited from Victoria Island to Wyoming to Tei Pei. But I think I’ve always know that no matter where I lived I would always come back to Utah to raise my family. This really is the place.

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  1. I loved the beauty of Utah when I lived there for 3 years to attend BYU. I made the most out of my time there and went on trips all over the state. Since I have no family there, I knew I would return to the South one day and that I should live it UP! There is so much beauty there, even with the awful snow :)


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