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Thursday, November 14, 2013

discovered on pinterest, no citation given

I've always had a hopeful, optimistic, happy nature and for that I am grateful. It colors every day and every aspect of my life with bright colorful energy and helps me enjoy much more of my life than I could otherwise. Everyday things can seem either good or bad depending on our outlook. Major life changes can either be miserable or exciting depending on our viewpoint. Much of the time my natural inclination is to see the opportunities for amazingness at first, but then get I get all frozen up with anxiety wondering about how to make it all work out. Luckily I have a perfect match in BH who is the opposite. He is anxious to begin with, but then once it is decided he becomes calm as a cucumber. It's perfect, there is always one of us reassuring the other.

The one time we switched was when my water broke with the baby girl. BH started panicking after being stress free our whole pregnancy and after worrying for 8 months I started giggling and laughed all the way to the hospital.

I love this quote. I'm always asking for things to get easier, but instead he is always making me stronger. So for that and for the continual opportunity for hope, I am grateful.

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