{gratitude challenge} November beginnings

Friday, November 01, 2013

I adore November. It's such a wonderful time. And just like Christmas, I can't imagine confining Thanksgiving to one day. So our new challenge for this month is to think of one new thing to be grateful for each day in November. I am going to try to let you know mine each day, but if I get lost in the wonderful life I have here I'll do a catch up and list a few things every couple of days. So today to begin with....

The relationship I have with my Father in Heaven. It is the most solid thing in my life and the foundation on which my entire life is built, which is good because He is the one thing that cannot fail me and will never ever stop loving me. I could sing his praises with out end, but let me just say that the knowledge that He lives and that He loves me, His daughter, changes every aspect of my world. Because He loves me I know that everything in my life is a gift from Him, and that even the bad and hard things can become for my good if I will follow Him and allow Him to lead me to peace and happiness.

Happy November. I know He loves you too, just as He loves me. So go say Hi to Him, and maybe thank Him for something you love.

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