{happiness challenge} remain faithful

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oh what an adventure it has been with the happiness challenge these past few months. Looking back on it now it seems the timing was just right. There's been a lot of challenges that have tested my resolve to be happy, and I'm glad to have had these constant reminders to help remind me that happiness is within my power to create and that I don't have to wait for it to come to me.

A common thread that I've seen woven through almost all of the challenges is that happiness comes out of adversity. Moments of happiness that are easily won seem to be fleeting, where moments of happiness that are fought for remain with us and shine in dark moments of the future. The things that bring us the most joy in life, our marriages, our kidlets, our faith, are all bring some of the hardest challenges we will face in this earthly life. The joy and adversity involved with each are proportionate to each other.

So here is the last of the happiness challenges, "Remain Faithful". Just keep plugging along. There is much we can do to be happy through life's adversities. Even if it's hard to feel happy now, we can look forward to our expanded hearts that will carry a greater capacity to feel happiness. The purpose of our journey here is not to earn happiness in the next life, but to be happy as we grow into being the kind of people that will thrive and succeed in the life to come.

Now someone just remind me of all this tonight at 2 am when the baby refuses to settle back down to sleep, okay?


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  1. The happiness challenge was really great, very thankful you came up with that idea!


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