{happiness challenge} don't whine

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oh Elder Holland, you are so witty. You can make me laugh and feel the truth cut me to the bone at the same time. 

It's funny but I'm both an optimist and a bit of a whiner. I try to make the best out of most everything that comes our way, especially the big stuff, but when something bugs me it really bugs me, especially the little stuff. Take for example BH's socks. I hhhhhaaaaaaatttte his dirty socks. The only time I get close to swearing is when I have to pick up his dee-ay-em-and-then-en dirty socks. (Yes, my swear of choice is a biblical one, but if I say it meaning for it to be a swear it counts.) I really don't know why but I just can not stand them. I can clean up the house all day long and have a lovely euphoria of peace and calm at the end of the day seeing how pretty the house is and knowing that everything is in it's place (I seriously may be a tiny bit obsessive about clean-housey-ness), but then when BH comes home and takes his shoes and socks off allllll I can see are those socks. And I sure let him know.

Likewise, when something annoys me I can't really just say, "hmmm, that's annoying" and move on. I have to tell BH about it, as we are best friends and that's what best friends do. I tell him the long story, not just about what happened, but about why it happened and how I feeeeeeel about it and why I feeeeeeel that way about it. Gosh, I don't know how he stands it. I'm glad I don't get bugged by much because, man, it's exhausting just telling you about it. Babe-of-a-Husband is a trooper. I'll have to tell him that.

So this week I'm not only going to be bugged by less stuff, but I'm going to whine way less. Hopefully not even at all. If something does come up, I'm just going to acknowledge it and move on. Think of all the other things I can talk to my best friend about when I'm not whining!

So go forth and be more happy! The world is a beautiful place!

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