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Monday, July 01, 2013

I love yoga. I'm not a pro yogi or anything, but there was a time when I couldn't live without my Thursday night yoga practice with a wonderful instructor. If the soul is the mind, body, and spirit, then each must be balanced and assist the other to lead a fulfilled life. These three were made to be one, to work for the same purpose, and are designed to be inseparable.

That's why I believe there is such a connection between the body and the mind and spirit. One of the reasons I adore yoga so much is that it marries the movement and strength of the body with the meditation and intentions of the heart and mind to create a unified outcome. We hold our mental and spiritual weights within our bodies, using one to balance (or disrupt) the other. Working through the tension in your body can alleviate the stresses to your mind and strengthen your spirit.

Just today I was able to begin my practice again with a little help from my Roku box and YogaGlo. I was quickly reminded of the importance of intention. The yoga poses are just movements unless you marry them to some sort of intention, some sort of focus. You can literally just go through the motions and get a nice stretch and strength workout, but you will miss many of the benefits. It is similar to the difference between saying a quick repetitive prayer without much thought right before you run off for your day and praying with the intent to communicate with Deity by putting your thoughts and emotions into words. In both cases the application of intention and purpose change repetitive action with little meaning into powerful experiences that can shape us into better, more balanced individuals. When you remember the purpose of what you are doing, not only will you offer a better offering, but you will more easily receive the benefits that are awaiting you.

I want to remember this in my days ahead. I want to live with intention. I know the reasons why I do a lot of things, but I don't do them with intention. I want to go wholeheartedly into into my world and receive all she has for me. I don't want to live half hearted anymore. I want my life to full and fulfilled. I want my soul to be full and balanced and live with intention.

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