{legacy} happy independence day!

Thursday, July 04, 2013

I LOoooooooVVVEeeee the Fourth of July. I'm a pretty patriotic gal. I'd love to share a long patriotic post this week, but with all the festivities and time with the family, it will have to wait till tomorrow. So for now, check out my latest post at Mormon Mommy Blogs and enjoy just a few things I love about today!

Three things I love about today:

Parades, especially the horses and the rodeo queens. Always wanted to be one, ever since I asked my mom "what if you were in the Miss America pageant and your talent was horseback riding?" and she said "then you'd be a rodeo queen".

America. I really love it every day, but today seems like the day that instead of everyone fighting about where the country should go we all look back with gratitude about where we came from and the sacrifices that got us here.

Matchy Matchy. I seriously made fun of the families that were all matchy matchy until I became one. We aren't to the point that we can all wear the same tshirt, but we are all red white and blue today :)

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