{happiness challenge} the unattainable dream

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Wow. I am always surprised by the happiness challenges. I always think I have them figured out, but then Heavenly Father has something new to teach me. That was certainly the case for this last week's challenge, "Have faith in yourself".

I have dreams. Big dreams. Big, grand, and wonderful dreams. I have never seemed to lack vision and inspiration, only sometimes the resources and discipline to make them happen. This past week something scary happened. I gave up on one of my big dreams.

It didn't seem like a big deal at first. It was in fact the dream that was the furthest in my future. It wasn't a vital dream like having a family or being married in the temple. It was just a really wonderful business idea I have. I was really excited about it before, but when I thought about my BooBooBear and our plan of when we are going to have more kiddos, and how many kiddos, and where to put all those kiddos, and layered that over our plan of how to get BH's business dreams up and going, it didn't really look feasible. In fact I didn't really see any way it was possible.

So it didn't seem like a big deal. It wasn't like I was giving up all my dreams, just compromising a little bit so I could focus on the family and allow my hubby to achieve his dreams. You know, coming back down to reality.

But it was a big deal, a big shift in mental focus. I found I was lost and discouraged. I found myself wondering when I would ever get time for myself again. I lost faith in myself and all of my dreams, big and small.

Sometimes it's the big grand unattainable dream that creates miracles.

When we declared independence from Great Britain, we were a backwater collection of loosely associated colonies filled with ignorant bumpkins and yokels. There were a few educated landed gentry, but the vast majority of Colonists were illiterate, unsophisticated subsistence farmers. There was no chance at all that we would be able to stand up against the greatest military might in the world. Nobody believed we had a prayer.   -Dan Roberts

The beautiful Patriot's Dream that we sing of each July was little more than an unrealistic idealist notion. But to some it was the big grand dream that fired their souls. Because they wouldn't abandon their vision, the incredible dream that is America is our and each of our children's realities.

I had a wonderful chat with my biggest fan, I was reminded me about the power my dreams had had in my life, the amazing things I had done and become because of them. I remembered that having faith isn't knowing. To have faith in myself and my dreams isn't to know if they will become a reality. It isn't knowing how they'll come about or even if I am capable of creating them. It's just to have faith and hope in them.

Just having dreams, even grand, beautiful, unattainable ones can create magic in our lives. Miracles aren't just found in the attaining of dreams, but more often in the chasing of dreams. So have faith, dream big, and go chasing.

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