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Sunday, June 02, 2013

there are so many fabulous all-inclusive lists of what to buy for baby out there that you can get bogged down with oodles and oodles of things suggested for your new arrival, so I thought I'd make a few short specific lists to help sort through the tidal waves of items that keep adding to your mile long shopping list! Here we go!

When Beloved Husband and I first found out we were pregerito we considered staying in our tiny newlywed apartment in the hip/old school/naturey part of town. However, that would mean baby's nursery would be contained in our walk in closet. I quick pinterest search showed me that it could be done so I started dreaming about a tiny baby in our tiny place. We ended up moving in a different direction, but I started loving the idea of having everything you need while still having less. So, here are some ways I came up with for living the mantra Less is More!

The fact that babies grow and develop so fast can trick you into thinking you have to buy all new baby gadgets every three months or so. But there are a lot of baby products whose design lets you use it more by performing more functions or use it longer by changing as your baby grows.

The Fancy Shmancy Play Yard:
The Graco Pack 'n Play Newborn Napper Station Deluxe is nearly the entire nursery all in one unit. It performs multiple functions when baby first arrives with the cozy newborn bassinet, changing attachment, and diaper and necessity storage underneath. It also grows with baby by removing the two upper attachments as baby grows and adjusting the play floor to the lower setting for bigger babies and toddlers. Use it as an entire portable nursery for another floor of your home or for travel. It even has lights and music. What else could one baby need?

Can use as: bassinet, crib, changing table, diaper storage, napper, playyard.
Pros: portable, travel, washable, multiple uses, grows with baby
Cons: ummmm.... too cute?

The All-in-One Carseat:
Over baby's growing years she'll end up needing an infant carseat/carrier, a toddler carseat, and later a booster seat before she's big enough and to use a legit seat belt all by herself, somewhere around age 8. The All-in-One carseats like this Chico NextFit Convertible Seat can be used as rear-facing infant seat or forward facing toddler seats, making it great for your kiddo from newborn to 65lbs. One down side is that you can't really use it as an infant carrier so you have to wake your sleeping baby at the end of the car ride to bring him inside. Also if you have a couple kids close together the savings of only buying one unit per kid times a couple of kids can come out a wash compared to buying multiple seats but using them through a couple kids as hopefully your older kiddo moves up to the toddler seat and makes room for the newer baby in the infant seat.

Use as: rear-facing infant seat, forward-facing toddler seat
Pros: multiple uses
Cons: can't use as carrier, may end up being more expensive if buying multiple for more than one kiddo

The Spinny Seat:

We asked for a bumbo chair on our registry and got this seat instead and we have been so happy with the switch. This little seat is great! You can use it as just a seat to safely sit baby anywhere you are; you can attach the detachable tray and use it for feeding baby, either latched to a chair at the kitchen table in lieu of a high chair or anywhere in the house; or you can add the toys to the tray and use it as an activity center. You can also use it from the time little baby can hold their head up unsupported, all the way until the time they are a small toddler.

Use as: baby seat, high chair, activity center
Pros: portable, can strap to a chair, washable, long time of use
Cons: getting the tray on and off takes a bit of practice

The Small Swing:
I love our small little swing! Having a place to set the baby down is a MUST which is why bouncy seats are great. Swings are also super important for putting baby to sleep or keeping her calm and entertained, but most are too big move around from one room to the next. Enter the small baby swing like this one from Comfort and Harmony. It's small and battery operated which makes it great for travel!

Use As: baby seat, bouncy seat, swing, baby sleep spot
Pros: folds for easy storage, great for travel, timer and music
Cons: seriously not a one!

These are just a few of the great options out there that combine multiple functions and long use which make spending a little more on one item a great time and space saver. You really can have everything without buying everything.

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