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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The other night was a rough one for our little family. I kept getting up with Darling Babe and just couldn't get her to go to sleep. She had slept part of the night in her cribby and had woken up so much that I brought her in to sleep with BH and me, but she just kept tossing and kicking. In my groggy sleepy rage I threw the covers off crawled to the bottom of the bed to curl up away from her little kicking toesies. As I did so I pushed BH and "tapped out" saying "I'm done with that baby, she's yours now!"

As the incredible man my BH is, he immediately woke up, scooped up the wiggly baby, and took her out to the family room so I could get some sleep. It was blissful. After bouncing her on the yoga ball (our family's version of a rocking chair) and watching Netflix for and hour and half, he finally got her to sleep and snuck back in to the bedroom. But just as he was laying her down ever so softly on the bed, she woke up and and screamed bloody murder. I should have know that something was up by then since Darling Baby never screams, just cries a little till you fix what she's needing, but again I hadn't had much sleep. So BH picked her back up and asked me to feel her head. I did.

I can't really tell how hot boo boo is with my hand, she always seems warm, even if she's fine. I usually have to kiss her forehead to find out. I kiss her so many times each day that my lips know exactly how her forehead is supposed to feel. This night Baby was burning up.

Immediately the Mommy Switch flipped on in my head. I was wide awake and reached out for my little Boo Boo, the poor dear. The rest of the night/morning I spent hours snuggling and kissing and loving my little girl, bouncing endlessly on the yoga ball and watching who knows how many episodes of dumb tv shows till the early light of day crept in through the windows. All the while I was calm and awake and not the least bit mad or upset. Something about knowing that my little girl was suffering and uncomfortable and not feeling well instantly filled up my patience and compassion reserves that so recently had been bone dry but now were overflowing.

Nor was I upset a few hours later when BH and I decided to cancel the incredibly romantic weekend getaway that he had planned for our 2 year anniversary. He is such a handsome loving hubby. I have to remember to tell him that again today.

Anyways, while we spent the weekend taking care of her and visiting the doctor and taking turns napping while the other bounced her endlessly (I'm going to end up with abs of steel), I started thinking about this compassionate mommy switch. I love it and it certainly made it much easier to get through the weekend.

I wonder if I could use it in other ways in my life. Maybe instead of a Mommy Switch I could make it a Compassion Switch. Then anytime I was having a rough time I could flip the switch and stop thinking about myself. I could worry about the other people in my life instead and all of a sudden I wouldn't be upset or tired or mad anymore, just infinitely loving and caring.

I'll have to start working on manually flipping the switch more often. I bet it would lead to a happier life.

By the way, Boo Boo is feeling much better and now I have what she had. Good thing I got a whole box of Otter Pops at the store last week!

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  1. She is precious! I love your 2nd to last paragraph and should memorize it. Sounds like you've found the answer to mommyhood. Glad to find your blog thro MMB Contributors.

  2. Thanks Susan! Any answers I find only seem to work for a minute until she grows and changes and I have to learn everything all over again! Excited to get to know you through MMB!

  3. Great post. Sorry you got the bug too though!

  4. @Angela, Isn't that how it is though? If you don't give it to then you get it to them. I just always hope that me and the hubby don't get it at the same time or Baby will have to learn to forage in the fridge and feed herself!


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