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Monday, June 17, 2013

I have a lot of wonderful fathers in my life, but these men are my favorite.

My father and I at my wedding

My father has given me everything. He sacrificed and worked his whole life to take care of his girls and is willing to do almost anything to help them live happy successful lives. But more important than material gifts, my dad has given me a good part of himself; his love of the outdoors, his mechanical mind, his knowledge of the way science works in our lives, and also the way that Heavenly Father works in our lives. I recall very clearly being on the top of our mountain property looking across the horizon and learning why the mountains became more blue and more purple as they got further away and also discussing how being out there in nature makes us feel closer to God than anywhere else. I see more of him in myself everyday. I owe a huge part of who I am today to his love and guidance.

My step dad and I at my sister's wedding

My step dad came into my life when I was a young teen and has been a blessing since day one. From the moment he met me and my sisters he's cared a great deal about us. He allowed our relationship the room it needed to grow and now he truly is one of the most important men in my life. He is so kind hearted, even though he's a tough old guy. He, along with my mom, have taught me how fulfilling it can be to love other people. His commitment to building family has given me a strong support group of people I truly consider my own. I have always felt that he loved me as one of his own children.

BH and our little Darling

BH amazes me everyday with his giving and loving attitude as a father. He gives so much to the babe and me, but never acts as if it's a sacrifice. He always does everything with such love and excitement that it makes the hard work of being a parent feel so fun and happy that you'd never want to do anything else with life. He is always so optimistic and grateful for everything we have and everything I do. I never could have imagined a better partner in our married and parenting responsibilities. Everything he does is for us and everything we do is made so much better by doing it with him. Happy, selfless, and loving is his way of life.

I love you Daddy, K, and BH. You all have changed my life for the good in countless and immeasurable ways.

Monica Lynn

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