{moments} 3 reasons I love today...

Friday, June 21, 2013

....baby boo fell asleep in her wrappy carrier thing and since it's Friday and I finished all my hours, I didn't have to work during her nap. That means quality snuggly sleepy time with Darling. *LOVE IT*

... it's officially the first day of summer. Pumpin up the country music jams from my vintage record player console. We already have something fun planned for almost every weekend this summer. And the weekends we have off will be filled with some home remodel projects and catching up in the yard. So good to own a home at this time in our lives. *SO BLESSED*

...it's date night! Our date nights usually include lil'Babe. Tonight is a quadruple date with some other couples including Baby's two little baby friends and a blow up baby pool. Oh yeah, splashy splash slash, here we come. *LOVE MY BABE AND BABY*

What are three things you love about today?

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