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Thursday, June 27, 2013

I love the idea of making do with what you have, consuming less and being frugal. However, I refuse to let go of my insatiable desire for beauty and wonder. So instead of just making do, I try to make wonderful with what I have. So, what kind of wonderful things can you make with what you have?

Creative Projects:
There are oh so so many ideas out there on how to make creative pretty and useful things from thrifted, cheap, or ordinary items. Just log onto Pinterest and you'll get a million by the time you can spell your name.

A couple of years ago I thrifted a matching set of pretty frames that I had intended to use for my wedding, but never did. Flash forward a while later, I combined them with a couple of beat up pinboards and a some pretty fabric scrappies to make a matching set of these....

I am going to use them for my geneology, to display our family trees and help me keep track of where I am at in digging through my family history. All total the project was around $2.75 per board. Oh, and I am going to use the old frame from one of the pinboards to make little book ledges for the baby's room. 

Financial Freedom:
I am a big believer in financial peace. I am thankful in hindsight that I went through the financial challenges I did as a single adult so I could learn so much about financial strength and discipline before I had a family (thank you Dave Ramsey!). BH and I have been really blessed, but have also felt the weight of the financial stewardship we've been given. In reality we don't make much and I still have to work part time when I'd prefer to spend more time with Darling and BH, but we always seem to have enough to meet our needs. Part of that has been keeping our "needs" as small as possible and making do with what we have. Including this guy...

Isn't he good looking? We fell in love when I was young and impressionable. I worked so hard to pay him off. We've traveled many miles together. After BH and I had the baby, we thought we should be responsible and get a mom car. You know the kind that has more than two doors and that doesn't require your passengers knees to be against the dash because the seat is all the way forward so your baby's car seat can fit in the back. That kind. But we just loved having a paid off car so much. Besides, I'm the cool mom. And we're short, so it's not that bad. Maybe I'll get a car with a couple more doors when I have a couple more kids. Or just one more, actually or we'd run out of seat belts.

When BH and I were courting we had so many picnics I couldn't even count. We worked together and were keeping our relationship a secret, so we would take lunch at the same time and meet in the parking lot of the grocery store across the street for a little picnic and have dinner in a park for most of our dates.We loved talking for hours and didn't need any entertainment besides getting to know each other. Those were beautiful days.

Nowadays, our date nights are a little different. We still love picnics, and I still look forward to spending time just talking, but we're quirky old married people now. So I try to mix it up crazy dates with the usual boring trip to Cafe Rio. Cafe Rio is yummy, but I bet I'll remember the water gun fight and the sidewalk bowling with a toy bowling set  I picked up from DI a lot longer than a yummy pork burrito. I think the challenge of a tight budget can actually make dating more fun because it forces you to look outside the box.

There are so many more ways we've been trying to make do with what we have, but enough from me. What are your creative ways to make wonderful things with what you have?

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  1. LOVE Dave Ramsey! My husband is a dentist and I drive around a 17 year old Suburban that I sometimes have to jimmy in front of the school to restart. Dental school was EXPENSIVE, especially graduating with almost 4 kids.
    The best was when a member of the staff at my husband's office saw him climb into his 21 year old Mazda truck and said, "You're the doctor and you drive THAT??!?!?! That is SO cool!!"
    Why yes it is. It is indeed. And it will be even cooler to finally pay off dental school!

  2. @Michele, He is my hero! And amen to school debt being lame. It just goes on forever. My hubby had a really old little toyota tacoma when we got married and he still misses it.

    And remember, one day it will be great to buy a shiny new car with CASH!


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