{happiness challenge} make do with what you have

Thursday, June 20, 2013

We did fantastic with this past challenge, "Spend meaningful time with those you love". Here is a quick breakdown:

  • Babies first camping trip with me and the hubbers
  • Wonderful visit from BH's parents and sister
  • Began weekly visits with my paternal Grandma
  • Did some shopping with my sisters at the local quilt shop hop
All in all a pretty productive week! One thing that is really important to moms of all stripes, but especially stay-at-home moms is to get out of the house and spend time with other people. That's one of the reasons I love blogs is that it can help create a connection to other people and the outside world when your circumstances keep you pretty close to home.

This week's challenge looks very promising...

This is definitely something that BH and I try to work on consistently. We have enough to meet our needs, but we are always trying to save up for our next big financial challenge (like Baby #2, paying of student debt, etc.). In the mean time we also have a wonderful older home that we love working on. We mostly have just decorating projects, not anything urgent, but we get pretty excited about it. Luckily BH is pretty handy and I'm pretty crafty so we end up wanting to DIY everything. However, I also love pretty things. So this week I'm going to share some ideas on how we try to make do with what we have or what we can get cheap, particularly when it comes to decorating. 

How do you make due with what you have and how does that contribute to your happiness?

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