{happiness challenge} gain unshakable faith

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Week one of the happiness challenge went swell! "Love Your Choice" was a great mantra for the week and really helped me get gain a lot of peace through the challenges of the week, including baby and momma being sick.

This week's challenge is:

I love the way President Eyring phrases a sentiment that we often hear, that trials and tribulations can help us gain faith. But he does it in a way that implies that we can take action in our troubles and work to make them a benefit for us, not just suffer through them endlessly hoping for them to end. Challenges aren't designed to make us unhappy; we can apply our wills and choose to work them to our benefit and most of all we can choose to be happy as we do!

So this week's challenge is to gain unshakable faith by working our challenges to our favor and finding happiness in the process!

Be sure to let me know how week one went for you and what you plan to do to help you with week two of the Happiness Challenge!

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