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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hi all! I don't usually have time to just surf the interwebs, but I do love the blogs I read and have recently discovered a bunch more through being a contributor on Mormon Mommy Blogs. The other gals and guys there are so talented and wise it makes me wonder how I got in to such a wonderful group.

Here are some things you definitely need to read (and blogs to meet if you haven't seen them yet)! You can tell that I've been immersed in mommydom lately and loving it! Apparently I am also loving exclamation points!

To make you enjoy washing dishes-

On changing the world, one baby at a time:
 I love Real Intent. Great discussions and essays about how our beautiful faith becomes real in our lives.

Thoughtful responses to the challenges of being a stay at home mom:

And just for your enjoyment - the Boo Boo:

RAWWWRRRRR...... baby  monster!

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