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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I found a sweet article on the Time Out for Women blog by Richie Norton, "15 Ways to Be Happy". She selected 15 powerful points from General Conference Addresses and even made super cute printables for each of them. I loved them so much I thought I would turn them into a HAPPINESS CHALLENGE!

Who wants to be happy? I do! I like to think of myself as a generally happy and optimistic gal, but sometimes it takes a lot of practice and work to keep it up. So, each week for the next four months I am going to pick one of the 15 Ways to Be Happy and focus on practicing it for a week. 

I absolutely adore the first one....

I have been blessed to be able to finally choose FAMILY! I waited a long time to find my hubby and had been dreaming about being a wife and mother for a bunch of years, so I feel incredibly grateful for by Babe and my Baby and the opportunity I have to devote so much of my time to them.

BUT... even though I feel grateful I often don't act grateful. I get bogged down in the hard things about being a fulltime mom and loving wife, especially when you add being a working girl and trying to carve out some time to pursue personal hobbies and spiritual development. I am often so busy trying to fix issues or deal with the challenges that I don't pay attention to all the beautiful things that come with this crazy busy and beautiful life.

So this week I will be focusing on LOVING all the things I LOVE about the CHOICE I LOVE! Starting with feeling cherished when Da Bitty Baby Boo Bear wants to be held by me and only me. Sure it is exhausting at times and I may have to put off other things I want to do, but she won't be this little ever again so I better cherish her snuggliness while it lasts. Plus, I have a really comfortable sling that she loves to be in so we can do dishes and go for walks or just chilax on the sofa with a movie. When else do I have a sweet excuse to be lazy and watch a movie, eh?

So who's with me? Who wants to live a happier brighter existence in this beautiful challenging world? I'd love to have you join the challenge or just share your happy tips and moments with all of us. Comment below and take the challenge!

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  1. Woooo!! I really love this idea, I need to acknowledge more happiness in my life! Challenge accepted! I'll be blogging it over at www.southernhope1229.blogspot.com
    Think I'll make it a Thursday-Thursday thing since I just saw this, thanks for the great idea!
    First thing I've done to love my choice: helped my husband with his resume' for his internship! And by help I mean..did it all hahaha :)

  2. @Whitney, I am totally the resume writer in my house too! I've loved reading all your happiness challenge posts, you always have a fresh take on the week's challenge and help me see things from a new perspective!


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