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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

 Have you seen the new videos about the priesthood from the 2013 Worldwide Leadership Meeting? The First Presidency Message this month is from President Eyering.

"The ultimate expression of the love of Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son is to provide the one way through a priesthood sealing to have a family for all eternity."   -President Henry B Eyering 

How wonderful and true! Heavenly Father loves us and wants to be with us forever and we likewise love our families and want to be with them forever. This is the most beautiful gift we can receive is to have our family sealed to be together forever if we live up to our covenants in the temple.

And there in the family is the best place to feel and learn of the love of our Heavenly Father. Our spiritual relation to him is as His sons and daughters, bound by the love of a spiritual family, just as we are bound to our families by our love for them. Our families however are created of imperfect people, so we make mistakes, hurt each others feelings, and don't treat other family members with the love we feel for them. But we also learn the most and have the greatest opportunity for love in the family environment.

"Never waste an opportunity to teach and exemplify the love of God extended through the priesthood."    -President Henry B Eyering
When I got married I learned so much about loving and sacrificing for another. I loved BH more than I ever imagined you could love someone. Then we had Darling Baby and my capacity to love grew so rapidly and so quickly I thought I would burst. I love those two people so greatly I can't even  begin to express it. But I am an imperfect, greatly limited woman. Just think of how much a perfect and caring Father in Heaven loves each of us!

I love these two people more than anything and I'd give almost anything to have more time with them. Heavenly Father answers my requests each day I wake up and get to spend time snuggling and playing and loving them. But one day we'll have to part, and the knowledge that I can be with them again is my most prized possession.

Learning about love is hard sometimes. But love, the real and beautiful god-like kind, is always worth it.

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  1. Your words are full of wisdom. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. @Momza, thank you! I feel like I have to capture my wise moments into words before they fly away cause they are pretty rare :)


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