{obsessed} if i had a million dollars

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

If perchance I had a million dollars I would do lots of responsible things; pay off the house, start a college fund for the kids, but a newish responsible mom car (my red Ford Mustang is a bit squishy with the car seat in there, but it's paid for!). But after all those responsible things, if there was a little bit left around with nothing to do, I would....

Fetch this beautiful bracelet from In This Very Room customized with me and the hubber's monogram. Something lovely and beautiful I would treasure for many years and pass down to my wee ones when they aren't so wee anymore.

Slide into these delicious Melissa Logo Boots by Frye. Oh they are so beautiful. So many things I love, leather, equestrian styling, filigrees... I could wear these everyday, with jeans, dresses, you name it. So pretty.

Grab this gorgeous Plum Cosmopolitain Diaper Bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom and never let go. It's so pretty I would use it as a purse even after all the babes are grown up. It's so vintage and cosmopolitan at the same time. And it's my favorite color! How could I resist?

Aren't they all just so pretty? Too bad my taste is a bit more extravagant than my budget eh? But if I ever have a bit of money lying around with no where to go, I know what to do with it!

What would you indulge yourself with if you had a bit of extra money with no responsible place to go?

Happy shopping!

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