{moment} daddy's lullaby

Thursday, April 18, 2013

So my wonderful husband is a talented musician. His father is as well and wrote songs for each of his children. Before we had the baby there was this beautiful melody he would hum as he strummed his guitar that didn't really seem to have a purpose yet, just an idea floating in and out of his head. Then Darling was born and the words started to form ....

...I'm here so sleep, just sleep, and dream away...

He is singing it to her during baby/daddy time and it just melts my little heart. So before I start work on my laptop tonight I just wanted to share this little moment. We never really know how many we are able to get or how many nights we'll be able to sing our lullabies to our littles.

What's your favorite song to sing or to be sung to you?

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