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Sunday, April 21, 2013

This week has been a long one. There has been a lot going on in our family and in the world. A few days ago I was taking the baby on a drive to my mom's house and listening to NPR on my local channel. I was lucky enough to catch the first half of the Interfaith Service for the Boston Marathon Bombing. It was really an inspired collection of addresses by religious and political leaders reflecting on what happened in the world and in the hearts of the people that experienced a part of it, near and far. Though the backgrounds were diverse, the messages of the addresses were strikingly similar. They each in their own way shared a message of love; that God, though known by various names, was a loving God, that though evil and hate is allowed a small place in this world, that He always brings us an increase of strength and compassion for others, that the way to respond to hate is with love. The representative from the Muslim community was an especially moving speaker for me, mentioning that we each have the responsibility as citizens to do work that was important for the national good, quoting the oath that naturalized citizens give in their citizenship ceremony.

The work that is perhaps the most important to the national good is that of becoming stronger, more compassionate people through both our trials tragedies, and our everyday moments. What good can we do in our everyday lives that would be of great good to our communities and our nation?

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