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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Read an interesting article today.


The main point is that married college graduate moms from prestigious schools (like Harvard) are more likely to not work than the average of married college graduate moms from all other colleges and universities. Also those who do work are more likely to work part time than full time.

The researcher was shocked because she expected that the greater demand for graduates from more prestigious schools would translate to those women having more employment than graduates from other schools.

I however was not shocked. It is likely that the mom's from more prestigious schools have better financial situations either from family or spouces' incomes which would give them wider opportunities. This shows that when given more opportunities in both career (through higher demand for their education level from a well respected institution) and their home (through the higher likelihood of their husband's ability to be the sole breadwinner for their family) are leaning toward family and home more than our modern world may lead us to believe.

Just imagine if all women had the opportunity to choose where they would like to be without having to worry about financial concerns. We should have tender hearts for those around us who aren't able to choose the path they would love to choose because they serve each day to care for others, either financially or with service in the home and community.

 I am truly blessed to be able to have such a wonderful balance between work and home. I get to work from home and contribute to the financial success of my family, all the while being home with my daughter to share every beautiful moment we can together. I truly have the best of both worlds, at least until we pay off all our debts and can be truly financially free.

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