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Saturday, March 09, 2013

BH and I had date night last night. We keep joking about the time when we have will have been married long enough to have that going to the grocery store is our Friday night date night. Now, I actually love going to the grocery store with Babe because it's usually devoid of distractions, besides junk food, so we end up having some great conversation at the grocery store. But I still have higher expectations for date night.

So we go to Home Depot. Seriously, one of my favorite $2 date nights. Here's how you do it: You go to the Mav (Maverick gas station) or Arctic Circle or the golden arches and get your one dollar ice cream cones, then hit the Home Depot.

Now this part is very important: you must walk in WITH your ice cream cones and WITHOUT your wallets. Seriously, leave every dollar and every card in the car. If there is anything life or death that you have to have, you just have to go out to the car for your moolah, but we've found the extra five minute walk to the car and back is about as big a deterant to spending money as crossing the Red Sea.

Another fun rule is that you always have to talk in future terms and never about money. This way you can admire anything you want without the spoucy trying to talk you out of it or be practical. Like this,

ME: "oooooo.... Babe I love those pretty red washer and dryer! We should buy those one day!"
BABE: (instead of noticing that they are twice as expensive as the lower models) "Wow, red? I would have pegged you for a neutral white or dark grey kind of girl."
ME: "For most things yes, but this is a laundry machine where you put your clothes. You know those things I spent years studying and designing? This is an important machine for our dream house babe. It can be flashy."
BABE: (noting it on the Dream House List in his head) "Flashy washer and dryer. Check."

This date also works well with furniture stores. IKEA in fact has its own $1 ice cream cones. IKEA hint - park near the exit. Not only will the car be closer at the end of the trip when you are more tired, but you can go in the exit and get the ice cream from the cafe at the exit before you begin the magical journey that is wandering through IKEA. And always remember to make the joke about the faucets not working and the Asian family in your bathroom (thank you 500 Days of Summer).

What are your favorite cheap date nights?

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