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Sunday, March 03, 2013

So Darling Babe is only 5 months old, as of yesterdayish, so we are still keeping her home from church and neighbors and non-essential family events. Sometimes I feel like a hermit or a greedy mommy keeping Darling all to myself, but RSV is a real scare around here, especially this year and in my family. So we stay in a lot.

Thusly, my church going has been cut down to halfsies with the hubby. He has a calling and responsibilities with the Elder's Quorum (the men's group he is involved with) at our congregation, and I have a calling teaching a young munchkin class of 8-year-olds every other week. So we switch off.

I really miss going to church every week. The church has always been a big part of my life since I was an 11 year old in the Merry Miss class (yep, that's a real name of the girls class for 10 and 11 year olds). Both socially and spiritually I rely on church to keep me going, to give me a break from the busy week, to refill my spiritual lantern, to sing pretty songs of peace, etc. So only going every other week has been rough.

Enter the Mormon Channel. Dude, I love this station. So. Much. I started listening to it at work on my phone before I had the baby, just every once in a while when I need to focus on a project or drown out other voices. But since the baby came and I am home now, I listen to it all the time. We have a ROKU box, which is a little box that hooks your TV up to the internet, so instead of regular TV we have Netflix, Pandora, TED talks (which are super awesome and deserve a loving post of its own), BYU TV, and the Mormon Channel. Oh how I love it.

I must tell you that usually it is just on in the background and that I can go 8 hours without hearing any of it. But, whenever I do listen to it I am constantly amazed at the things I am learning. Sometimes I select the program I want to listen to, Gospel Solutions for Families being a favorite. They also have this cool thing on their smart phone app that lets you pick a member of the First Presidency or Quorum of the Twelve and listen all day to just talks from them. (I might have had a couple of Elder Holland Days trying to get through the last couple weeks of work before baby came). Other times I just turn on the radio channel and just listen to whatever is playing at that moment. I am constantly amazed at the seemingly random things that touch me or teach me something, especially in the shows that I wouldn't have picked out to listen to myself.

When Ben used to come home from work my greeting used to always be, "Hey babe, guess what I heard on NPR!" and now it's "Hey babe, guess what I learned on the Mormon Channel!".

Go check it out yo!


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