Tuesday, February 26, 2013

BH (beloved husband) and I call each other Babe. Well, I call him Babe and he calls me Pretty Babe. He also calls Darling (our daughter) Pretty Baby. You sense the theme in our pet names. I love them.

Another name I love for a cherished soul is "sweetheart". Unlike "babe", which can have different connotations to different people, "sweetheart" is a moniker so filled with love and tenderness that no one can dislike being called by it. At once portraying both a youthful innocent love and love full of wisdom born of long years together, "sweetheart" is a tender name used only for the one you cherish.

We call each other babe, but on special occasions we call each other our sweethearts. Here is a collection of my favorite sweethearts (besides my BH of course!):

My favorite sweetheart song is Hey Ho by the Lumineers. BH showed this to me long ago and we sing it to each other and to the babe as we dance around in the kitchen or the car.

An incredible message of love from one sweetheart to another is a talk by Elder Richard G Scott called The Eternal Blessings of Marraige. This message has changed my life and my marriage.

Favorite image from NY Bridal Fashion Week so far is this sweetheart neck Monique L'Huillier gown with beautiful long lace sleeves.

Also, I love Sweethearts candy conversation hearts. My mom would give each of her daughters some every Valentines Day and I still get the warm fuzzies every year as I dump them all out of the little cardboard box, organize them by color, then see what wacky sayings they came up with this year. I must be getting old since I have to have BH interpret some of the twitter speak on some of them.

But the best sweetheart of all is my little darling. Love you Pretty Baby!

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