{introduction} joy in the journey

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tonight I am laying with by darling beautiful baby, wrapped up in cozy blankets, protecting us from the cold uncozy February night. Her arm is outreached, hand touching mine, though she is just barely awake. As her tiny finger tips dance along my palm and her little black eyelashes flutter in preparation for sweet baby dreams, I can't help but wish I had a perfect memory that could tuck this moment away in a safe little corner of my mind where I could always have access to it. Sometimes in moments like these I try to savor and soak in every little detail, the soft huff of her breath, the velvet touch of her dark hair, the sweet smell of milk on her breath. I take a film of this moment with my imagination, hoping to one day play it back with my spiritual memory. Though my temporal memory will fade and I will eventually lose this moment in the cluttered chaos that is everyday life, I am sure I will have access to it in the next life. So while it is still mine, I take in as much of it as I can so the film of past memories can accurately portray the exquisite joy and lovely peace, before her eyes open wide and our tender moment moves on to make way for the next. 

Life is a long and wondrous journey. Sometimes it is pretty slow going. Other times it rolls by so quickly that the scenery becomes a bit blurry around the edges. All the while the travelers are making progress toward some things and  away from others, and into things they never could have dreamed. Mine has been a beautiful journey, one which I hope to continue sharing for a long long while with these beautiful travelers I call my family. Here is where I hope to record the things I see, the things I learn, and the things I hope to remember from this beautiful and joyful journey. 

 May yours be just as beautiful and joyful. Happy traveling.


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